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Wednesday, December 31, 2003
  Today I went to Nudgee Beach which is the nearest beach to where I am living now. It took me 20 mins of drive to get there.
Actually it could not be called a beach because it is only the entrance point of Brisbane River to the sea and most of that area is wetland well protected by the government. I have spotted several really big trees standing in the sea water. It is a popular place for local people to off leash their dogs and I met lots of dogs over there. Even the drinking foutain there is specially designed for dogs. And dogs seem to enjoy the water activites very much. There is one special dog who paid much attention to me once I sat down by the beach. After a quick inspection it soon decided to make my legs its perfect resting place. I don't know much about dogs and could not tell its breed. It is well feeded and looks to be very healthy and active. I would like it to stay on my legs for a longer time if its body was not wet and full of sand, obviously a sign of happy enjoyment of water.
Nudgee Beach is also a good place for fishing. According to a guy I met there, everyday is a perfect day there for fishing, only your lucks counts. It seemed that he is not very lucky today. But I think most people only take fishing as good means of relaxation instead of food hunting for the dinner.
Nudgee Beach used to be a resort place for retired people and untile today it is still a very quite community with kindly people. Just before I reached for the beach, I stopped once to make sure my actual position. A bold shoulder guy warmly welcomed me and pointed the position for me on the map. Usually Aussie will greet people with G'day, but the first sentence he said to me is:" Oh, you speak English!" . Maybe it is because of my aboriginal T-shirt and dark skin :-P
Here is a link with detail introduction of Nudgee Beach -->"" 
Saturday, December 27, 2003
  This is the first post of my blog 
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